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COSMOS 2024 - Registration
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Please note that the COSMOS conference is on-site only. By registering, you commit to traveling to Paris to attend the event in person.

Information for participants


We advise participants to arrive well before the meeting is due to start (at least 30 minutes). The threat level on France's national security alert system will likely stay high until the Olympics, so we can expect lengthy security procedures for accessing the Inalco building. We advise participants to avoid bringing large items of luggage. Please note that you will need a photo ID (e.g. passport) and your registration QR-code in order to be admitted.

The registration board will be just after the entrance: please collect your badge there. This badge should be worn at all times inside the building.


The conference will be recorded on video, and photographs will be taken during the event. By participating, you acknowledge that Insee will publish the records and photos on publically visible platforms like YouTube.

Transport & accomodation

Inalco is accessible by RER line C, métro line 6 and tramway T3a, as well as by different buses. However, please note that line metro 14 will be closed due to planned maintenance. The RATP web site or app will help you to plan your itinerary.

Below is a list of hotels provided by Inalco, ordered by number of stars and walking time (of course, for the more distant ones, public transports will be quicker). There are a lot of other hotels to choose from, but it is recommended to book early.

2 stars

3 stars

4 stars