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COSMOS 2024 - Program

In the following, presenters are indicated between parentheses; see here for the complete lists of authors.

Conference day 1 - Thursday 11 April 2024
Day chair: David Barraclough, OECD

Welcome (Corinne Prost, Director of Methodology, INSEE)
Session 1 (chair: Edgardo Greising, ILO)
  • Modelling and harmonisation of units of measures - SDMX Content-Oriented Guidelines (György Gyomai, OECD) (slides)
  • I-ADOPT: A Systematic Way to Represent Variables (Barbara Magagna, GO FAIR Foundation) (slides)
  • Extending the PROV Model to Data Transformation Scripts (George Alter, University of Michigan) (slides)
  • Smart Metadata for Data Exhange: DDI-CDI and FAIR Implementation (Arofan Gregory, CODATA and DDI Alliance) (slides)
Session 2 (chair: Hilde Orten, Sikt)
  • Smart Metadata in Action: The Social Impact Data Commons (Joanna Schroeder, University of Virginia) (slides)
  • Metadata for Gender Statistics - A practical example from the European Institute for Gender Equality (Ligia Nobrega, European Institute for Gender Equality) (slides)
  • Implementing Standards for Data Catalogs in Research Organizations: A Case Study of the French Institute of Demographic Study (Julie Baron, INED) (slides)
Coffee break
  • Posters & demos
Session 3 (chair: InKyung Choi, UNECE)
  • Applying FAIR principles to statistical classifications (Christine Laaboudi-Spoiden, Eurostat) (slides)
  • The role of the term in defining centralised standard metadata (Claudia Brunini, ISTAT) (slides)
  • FAIR Vocabularies in Population Research (Arofan Gregory, CODATA and DDI Alliance) (slides)
Cocktail (Barge du CROUS)

Conference day 2 - Friday 12 April 2024
Day chair: Arofan Gregory, CODATA

Keynote (Mercè Crosas, Head of Computational Social Sciences, Barcelona Supercomputing Center - President of CODATA) (slides)
Coffee break
  • Posters & demos
Session 4 (chair: Simon Hodson, CODATA)
  • To be FAIR, what is missing in Official Statistics? (Olav ten Bosch, Statistics Netherlands) (slides)
  • Modernisation of the Central Metainformation System in Accordance with the LOD and FAIR principles (Anikó Mohay, Hungarian Central Statistical Office) (slides)
  • FAIR Statistics: Semantically Rich Environment for LOSD Creation and Interpretation (Konstantin Laikam, Statistical Committee of the Commonwealth of Independent States) (slides)
  • The importance of FAIR DDI-compliant metadata in optimising reuse and preservation of SSH research data (Alina Danciu, Sciences Po-CDSP) (slides)
Lunch break
Session 5 (chair: Alina Danciu, CDSP)
  • Enabling metadata driven Research data platform: transforming Static metadata to Smart metadata (Archana Bidargaddi, Sikt) (slides)
  • Use of Standards and Models to Implement Transversal IT Platforms for Official Statistics (Juan Muñoz López, INEGI) (slides)
  • The formalization of cross concepts in statistical registers about units and variables: methods and practical applications in Istat (Cecilia Casagrande, ISTAT) (slides)
  • Achieving Interoperability and Reusability of Metadata: two Organisations and the Same Reference (Halima Bakia, CASD) (slides)
Coffee break
  • Posters & demos
Session 6 (chair: Matjaž Jug, CBS)
  • Standard, Linked and Active: the Status of the Metadata Approach at INSEE (Romain Tailhurat, INSEE) (slides)
  • Minimizing Quality Reporting burden in Official Statistics through DDI Smart Metadata (Susana Portillo Cruz, Central Statisics Office & Jeremy Iverson, Colectica) (slides)
  • Active metadata to produce administrative data quality documentation (Grazia Di Bella, ISTAT) (slides)
  • Active Metadata at the US Department of Labor (Dan Gillman, US Bureau of Labor Statistics) (slides)
Closing session

Posters & demos - All along the conference

  • MISSY - Preparation process of the metadata for the German Microcensus (Jeanette Bohr & Florian Thirolf, GESIS) (poster)
  • The Open Global Data Citation Corpus: An international collaboration to enable broader discovery and evaluation of data usage (Iratxe Puebla, DataCite) (poster)
  • Documenting Data Workflows: A Prototype Application Using the DDI-CDI Process Model (Benjamin Beuster, Sikt) (poster)
  • Model-Driven Approach for Metadata Specifications (Joachim Wackerow, Independent expert) (poster) (slides)
  • GSIM-based Metadata System - Standardized Description of Data in Statistics Finland (Saija Ylönen, Statistics Finland) (poster)
  • Integrating Parquet and JSON-LD for Embedded Smart Metadata in Statistical Data Storage (Dan Smith, Colectica) (poster)
  • Production system with GSIM (Patrik Wahlgren, Statistics Sweden) (poster)
  • A system for coherent metadata for production and dissemination in Denmark (Anne Kaag, Statistics Denmark) (poster)
  • Linking metadata with business processes using ModernStats models (Chris Jones & InKyung Choi, UNECE) (poster)